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Something on the other side of nothing; a-thing rather, but it doesn't really matter
Something / a-thing / B

Κάτι Κάτι Κάτι Κάτι Κάτι Κάτι -- Κάτι άλλο από τίποτα // Η κυρία Βήτα την Κυριακή το πρωί.

Something Something Something Something Something -- Something else than nothing  // Miss Vita on a Sunday morning.

Commisioned by Oros Ensemble for "Vamvakou Revival"

with the support of the GNO and SNF

Something Something Something Something Something Something!

Something else than nothing

Something Something Something Something!

Something that is a thing, just something, that is not nothing

Miss Vita, after a month of waiting, was walking alone on Sunday morning, when she stood short, because she felt as if at last,

there is something .

  ◊ If there's something
    there's not nothing
    if there's nothing, then it cannot be
    if there's not nothing,
    then something, must be. ◊


  ◊ - if it is not nothing
                      it is something
     - if it is something,
                   it is not nothing
     - if it is nothing, then it is not
                                    or then, it is something,
                     (a thing, a-thing, something) ◊

  ◊ - if it is, it is not nothing.
      a thing, a-thing, something.

like the dust that falls in the light of the sun when she opens the window.
or something else, something more like something, something like the feeling of walking barefoot on hot asphalt.

- if it is not, is it something?
and if nothing is, then something is not, or then something, must be.◊

Miss Vita got bored of feeling irrational a-things and so she continued walking because there was nothing else for her to do.
There was just nothing, something that is, but miss Vita didn't have any more time to lose.

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