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Danai Belosinof (1993) is an Amsterdam-based composer, born and raised in Athens, Greece. She started her musical education at the age of 7 with studies in piano, music theory, classical singing, and as a member of choir and orchestra playing the recorder. With Bulgarian and Greek roots, she was raised in an environment familiar to the folk Balkan and eastern European traditions, but also classical conservatory music tradition. At the age of 19 she moved to Amsterdam and followed studies in composition with Joel Bons, Richard Ayres & Wim Hendrickx at Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Furthermore, she studied Karnatic music with Dr. Rafael Reina and Javanese gamelan music with Elsje Plantema & Michiel Niewmandtsverdriet.

Her compositions are characterized by the combination of music with text, videos, theater or performance art. She uses everyday life subjects and brings them on stage as immersive interdisciplinary “situations”.  Recurring themes in her work include the function of the human voice and language, and the nature of time. More particularly, she researches the subjectivity of our perception of time and space, and the ways in which sound can distort it.

She is the co-founder of Nausicaa, monthly series of music-art events in Amsterdam, running since September 2016 & often is found working in the production/curation of performances or teaching.

Time, where does time go when
you aren't there?

a continuous
study of the experience and perception of time through
immersive art endeavors

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