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An audiovisual collaboration with Elia Kalogianni

Lady Roach consists of modern-day mythical stories, from the lives of the city's adult children.

An ode to life; the living and its tragedies.


Lady Roach has many faces.

Blattaria, at times a song.
With large coax and five claws each, frenetically moving in a live show of roachoid
ancestry, Lady Roach is under the making.
The front legs are the shortest, her rear legs the longest, spitting her in propulsion
when it’s time to run for your life, to kill or to avoid killing, a story.

She bathes her feet in transparent fluorescent juices.
She hides herself from the light.
She breeds her eggs on humid undergrounds.

How dark is it? A video, a feeble image of what home is, or what
home could be.
How many of them others are there…? She runs, frenetically within the walls of her
crowded stage, an installation.


Lady Roach & other such stories is a series of audiovisual stories/poems, written and composed by D. Belosinof. In collaboration with E. Kalogianni they come to life into a film-based scenography. An exciting dive in the world of anthropomorphic beings, using music, text and film.

Lady Roach

Set Distance For Competition
Horse a/running

Sourdough Tales

Barefoot Love Story

Epitaph of a coffeemaker

Your Silence is an Elephant

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