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Then I looked behind me and there was no-body; or.... is there?
- Surfing Metal -

“That’s where it all started. I was sitting in a chair and I looked at the clock. Time was going backwards. I looked at myself in the mirror and I saw this person that looked like me, but I couldn’t believe is myself.”


: Interdisciplinary project of music-performance, inspired by Virtual Reality.

An attempt to combine different artistic disciplines in order to create a performance where the spectator/audience becomes part of a different “reality” without the use of immersive “virtual reality” technology. Music gets the role of defining space while scenography and theatrical elements portray the passing of time. It is an exploration of the perception of the passing of time.

Am I in a cocoon? Is this the ocean? Eat me, I’m a delicious mango. can frogs cook? don’t be so pedestrian! sometimes I dream of you in the shape of the teapot. They say horses make for very good human friends. door.spring.confirms. I miss the clinch, this room has no doors no doors no pleasure.

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