then i looked behind me but there was no-body; or is there?- surfing metal - drawing by Elias Njima

Your silence is an elephant gently lying on my chest, clumsily tickling my head with its trunk.

One day when you come to Greece in the summer,

in the best month of the year, when the corn comes out, and the tomatoes, and watermelons too, melons as well, when it goes up to 40, and people are melting, suffocating, in the cities that strangle them, while the cicadae sing the end of time;


I will take you to meet them,

I'm sure you met them before, but every place has its own troubadours.


sitting under the berry tree

there's a hammock

I lie there when it's so hot I'm suffocating, sweating, not able to be.

and they sing, they sing they sing their song that reminds me that time is a lie

and yet I am its prisoner, and they are too, but they sing and their song

is the proof of time's failure

because i might one day die, I will for sure, 

and one day I wasn't here

but that day, I existed forever and time was lost


I died voluntarily; 

surrendered in the beauty of that which is called nothing

Feelings of pain and love overwhelmed me

And I for an instant became nobody,

I became time

I'm a horse, a running horse,

i thought i was running all alone,

me and my master,

i was running eyes closed

and then the bells rang

human voices screamed

You are the winner!


Am I the winner?

of what kind of game?

what kind of race?


what a stupid little fool!


Forgive me, sir,

did I offend you?

Did I step on your




time, where does time go when you aren't there?

: What makes a waiting room if not a wall clock and a double glazed access to the W.C. ?