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Like this; yes; precisely;
couldn’t it be no it can’t it won’t it wouldn’t would it?

To: mouton vert
remembering green sheep might as well exist.

Fwd: do you wanna have mushrooms for dinner?

Why mouton,
why, why, why, why is it so scary to change; why is it so scary to let go of the past why can’t we live in peace with uncertainty why do we become so scared of tomorrow what is happening what happened I thought I was there and now I’m somewhere so far away from there and I’m growing mouton but I don’t want to because it’s scary and I always hated grown people, they scare me, their compromises scare me, I’m scared I’m becoming that which I hate.
p.s. - are you ever afraid?
      - why! I haven’t asked why since a long time, I almost forgot how it’s written

For: recorder, voice, electronic track

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