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One afternoon, or was it a morning? It was so hot I froze to ice.
A Summertime Paradox

“In Greece, a beautiful paradox takes place during the summer;

  There, under the unbearable heat of the Augustian days, time freezes. You unexpectedly find yourself dying peacefully, in the burning heat of those eternal summer afternoons; then when time is frozen and the heat is decomposing you, you die high. But eternity doesn't always last for long; and then September comes, and life begins again…”


: Interdisciplinary project inspired by the idea of Virtual Reality.

  It is a try to combine different artistic disciplines in order to create a performance where the spectator/audience becomes part of a different “reality” without the use of immersive “virtual reality” types of technology.

 Music gets the role of defining space while scenography and theatrical elements portray the passing of time. It is an exploration of the perception of the passing of time.

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