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Soldier 365 (2019) | 6' 33''

A short film by Elia Kalogianni

The approach of sound design in Soldier 365 was to create a sound world that represents the individual perception of reality of the main character. Sound takes the real elements in the film and transforms them into augmented or distorted versions of them, reflecting the subjective, very personal experience of the film’s tormented protagonist, in an effort to bring to the forefront the surrealism revealed when looking closely to individual perception, but also to bring the viewer closer to that character’s individual perception of reality & time, rather than portraying this reality from the observer’s point of view. Time perception was one of the most fundamental aspects in terms of direction in the treatment of sound, with waiting, cyclical & recurring notions of time being the backbone to translate the protagonist’s thought’s & feelings into an immersive & very personal sonic experience for the viewer.

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